Who we are

  • Julien


    Julien has a Maths degree from Oxford and focusses on systems and some recruitment in the related technologies sector.

  • Malsara


    Malsara has a business degree from Swansea and manages internal recruitment and the technology sector.

  • Natalie


    Natalie heads recruitment in the design and production sectors. She has a Maths and Physics degree from Bristol and works closely with Callum.

  • Mahyar


    Mahyar heads the sales marketing and analytics sectors and has a Law degree from Exeter.

  • Ash

    Sales, Marketing & Analytics

    Ash has a degree in Finance and works with Mahyar.

  • Lizzie

    Sales, Marketing & Analytics

    Lizzie is from South America and works with Mahyar.

  • David


  • Joseph


    Joseph has a degree in Business Management from Leicester and works with David.

  • Anna


    Anna has degrees in Journalism and Public Relations from London.

  • Ayesha

    Art & Animation

    Ayesha has a degree in Anthropology from the University of Sussex. She works in art and animation.

  • Lily

    Art & Animation

    Lily is fresh from Archaeology at York University and is a trainee consultant for art & animation.

  • Callum

    Games Design & Production

    Callum has a degree in Economic and Social History and English Literature from Glasgow. He is our most experienced consultant in this sector.

  • Lorna

    HR and Training Manager

    Lorna handles HR matters as well as training consultants on systems.

  • Kate

    Business Psychologist

    Kate is ex McKinsey and has a PPE degree from Oxford and an MSc in Business Psychology and an MBA from London Business School. She conducts psychometric testing for clients.