What do Marketers do in the Gaming Industry?

The gaming industry is set to grow to a value of $200 billion by 2023, with several games being introduced across many platforms and genres, this calls for marketers to have effective marketing strategies to identify key target markets, creating well-crafted marketing messages and developing ads with relevant content.

What do Marketers do in the Gaming Industry?

As a marketer in the gaming industry, the responsibility lies solely on creating successful marketing campaigns “pre”, “current” and “post” game release that appeals to the target gaming audience and reaching as many consumers in the market as possible.

The main goal for a marketer in the gaming industry is to drive awareness for the game and create demand from players!

With the rise of new forms of communication and the ever-evolving technologies in the gaming industry, digital forms of marketing have replaced traditional marketing, with marketers required to adopt advanced strategies to engage their target audience through personalized and relevant content.

There are various roles involved in the field of marketing that enable a seamless and effective marketing strategy in the gaming industry; Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Marketing Manager/Marketing Specialist, Content Marketing Manager, Copywriter, PR Manager/Specialist, Event Manager, Influencer Marketer, Digital Marketer/Digital Marketing Manager, Community Manager/Social Media Manager, Customer Support Manager, User Acquisition, Product Marketing and more.

What do Marketers do in the Gaming Industry?

The role of a marketer is also dependent on the segment of the gaming industry they are based in, as the platforms for gaming are varied and continuously evolving.

Based on these platforms, the gaming industry can be segmented into PC gaming, console-based gaming, application-based gaming, online/browser gaming, and mobile gaming. New technologies have also brought about VR (virtual reality) gaming, AR (artificial reality) gaming and blockchain-based gaming and more.

What do Marketers do in the Gaming Industry?

Marketing video games requires several different specialities!

A key element that will always be important is the ability to communicate effectively with consumers in the market. It is essential for marketers in the gaming industry to effectively communicate the many features and components of a game and its unique selling points!

Another essential element for marketers is creativity. The ability to think outside the box and create unique personalized campaigns to make the game stand out from others, without feeling oversaturated.

Additionally, the ability to monitor and closely report on data is also a key trait for marketers in the gaming industry. This helps to give insight into how a campaign is performing in promoting a game, how the overall audience reacts to it, improvements needed to be made. The ability to report, monitor and understand data i.e., data analytics, succinctly separates successful campaigns to unsuccessful ones.

What do Marketers do in the Gaming Industry?

Also, being digitally competent – with a strong grasp of social media platforms and gaming communities are all key for a marketer in the gaming industry!

Here is a useful breakdown of some of the most important skills for marketers in different levels of seniority:

Junior Marketer – Communication skills, adept with digital platforms, creativity, knowledge of target audience, writing skills.

Mid-Level Marketer – Data analytics & reporting, marketing software management, adaptability.

Senior Marketer – Leadership, mentorship, ability to define the brand voice, specialist knowledge.

If you’re looking to be a marketer in the gaming industry, it is important to start building a personal brand and connect with like-minded people and build a strong online presence for yourself. This is handy for roles where social media experience/skills are required, as learning from building a personal brand will be transferable to the position.

You can also have a read of our guide for getting into the video game industry and CV tips to assist in your search to starting entry-level positions in marketing.

If this sounds like your ideal career, you can apply for some of our roles available here with exciting studios in AAA, indie, mobile and console gaming, or you can have a chat with one of our commercial consultants to assist you further!