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Gameplay Engineer – UK or EU- Mid to Senior!

As a Gameplay Programmer you’ll work across multiple areas within the core gameplay domain: characters, cameras, control scheme, weapons and items, abilities and progression, environments, and interactions, to name a few.

You’ll be responsible for designing, owning, and maintaining systems and code across some of those areas, but also have the chance to contribute with designs and reviews in other areas, and have a general overview of the whole domain.

You’ll work primarily in C++, creating code, systems, and visual building blocks for our designers to be used in Glacier, our in-house technology, via our integrated Visual Scripting Language.

As a part of a game team, you will collaborate with other programmers, designers, and content creators, to build and enrich the game

If you’re interested, then feel free to reach out ot me at Krishan@datascope.co.uk