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Senior Level Designer – Europe – Remote

We’re excited to be partnering with this large European games studio and helping them fulfill the orle of senior level designer. Candidates will be repsonsible for creating attractive gameplay and an engaging story for the player to experience.

You will designing multiple aspects in the open-world game and then transforming the project into a playable environment.


  •  Experience in creating games (at least 5 years of experience or one published AAA project) as a Level Designer / Senior Level Designer.
  • Ablility to design and create a game environment that is engaging and understandable to the player, provides a diverse playthrough and will be attractive and aesthetically believable.
  • A good grasp of any editor, regardless of it being Unity, Unreal, RedKit, Cryengine, RoadHog, or Techland’s proprietary DevTools.
  • Understanding how to solve a problem when you hear that “through the indirect leading of the player, we have to make them end up in point X”.