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Senior Mission Designer – London

Residing in some of the best offices in the UK, our client is in search of a senior mission designer who will be responsible for concepting and creating missions across an array of projects.

Excitingly, this is a highly creative role which comes with lots of autonomy and freedom to establish core mission gn pillars nad ensure the games vision is upheld.


  • A passion for making and playing games
  • A deep understanding of all aspects of level design with mastery in many areas including; visual language, architectural composition, sign-posting, combat and encounter design, flow, game balance, delivery / support of game mechanics, on-boarding, difficulty tuning and pacing.
  • Industry Experience working in a senior position and 1 shipped AAA current gen or last gen (PS3 / Xbox 360) console or PC title that featured a multiplayer component, worked on from beginning to end
  • Experience of people-management, mentoring, line-management, ideally of a small team under you
  • Fierce attention to detail
  • The ability to work collaboratively with other disciplines and experience of being a key part of a leadership group