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Senior Producer – £75k – Gaming – UK, on-site


As a Senior Producer, you will lead product teams towards the vision and user feedback/KPIs. You will oversee product aspects and team coordination, ensuring an optimal user experience. You will guide cross-functional teams in crafting creative content and experiences, driving initiatives to meet and exceed targeted KPIs. You will optimize user testing and feature requirements, ensuring product quality and user satisfaction. You will lay the groundwork for future role expansion.


  • You possess a passion for gaming, viewing it from a gamer’s perspective.
  • You’re goal-oriented and skilled in team management.
  • You’re an empowering leader, fostering collaboration among teams.
  • You’re a decision-maker who thrives under pressure, prioritizing delivery.
  • You possess an analytical mindset and meticulous attention to detail.
  • You’re dedicated to enhancing user experiences, putting players first.