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Senior Production Director – London, UK

Do you have creative drive and product vision? If so, join us as a senior production director, where you’ll be helping to drive the vision of our games, with a strong focus point on the player’s experience!


•Take lead of the ongoing critical and commercial success of the game, while building an admirable team that strengthens the studio.

•Directly answer to the executive producer and collaborate with the senior development director and creative director to define and carry out the game.

•Take responsibility of as well as oversee the content and release roadmap to make sure it fulfils player needs and aligns with the product vision.

•Define features, content and systems that align with needs and targets.

Qualities we want to see:

•An advanced thinker with progressive planning skills to balance short term solutions with long term goals.

•An aspirational leader who fosters a collaborative, accountable, and creative environment.

•An open and trustworthy leader who maintains high standards of communication and trust within the team.

•A player-focused individual who understands and prioritizes the player experience.

•A data-driven professional who can collect and articulate performance data to continuously improve the game.

If you have a passion for gaming and would like to work with a group that prioritizes player satisfaction, creativity, and innovation, then this is the place for you! Join us now, you’ll be part of a team that bring people together and define the future of gaming!

Please get in touch with Vicci Smith – vicci@datascope.co.uk