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Senior VFX Artist- AAA studio- London,UK – 4 day week!

We are looking for a talented Senior VFX artist to join a AAA London studio working on well loved franchise titles!

This role is based just outside of London with Visa and relocation support offered and is a 4 day work week!  

The day-to-day work will be centered on crafting high-fidelity, game-ready effects. Tasks may include generating bespoke environmental effects for levels and cinematics, implementing elements for game features, and performing optimisations. You will also communicate with designers and engineers to serve gameplay progress, and action feedback from your Lead and the project Art Director.

Essential skills:

-Excellent skills with a Realtime engine, UE4 or UE5

-Excellent skills with game engine particle systems, preferably  Niagara

-Excellent skills with 3D simulation software, preferably Houdini , Maya or Blender

-Excellent skills of shaders and materials

-Able to prototype ideas, quick iterate on them and can handle critical or complex tasks

-Expertise skills with cinematic effects being able to adapt them to in game effects while keeping a balance between quality and performance

-Able to improve and adapt to our pipelines

-Solid grasp of real-world reference and principles of physics

-Strong skills of believable animation timing

-Must be self-motivated and well-organised under tight deadlines

-Passion for creating a great game experience

-Industry Expierence as a VFX artist

Desired Skills

-Familiarity with scripting languages : VEX, HLSL, Python

-Experience with 3D paint packages : Substance, Modo, Mari

Get in touch for further details! Ayesha@datascope.co.uk