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Technical Animator

We are looking to add a talented and imaginative Technical Animator to our team that is confident in video game development. We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of interactive entertainment, the technical animator will be responsible for creating animations to the highest standard possible.


•Implementing character and creature animations in our games, ensuring they align with our artistic vision and technical requirements.

•Collaborating closely with animators, artists, designers, and programmers to integrate animations seamlessly into the game engine.

•Creating and optimizing animation rigs and tools to enhance the animation pipeline efficiency.

•Troubleshooting and problem-solving animation-related issues, ensuring smooth gameplay experiences for players.

•Maintaining high-quality standards for animations, focusing on realism, fluidity, and responsiveness.

•Staying up to date with industry trends and emerging technologies to continually enhance animation techniques and tools.


•Proven experience in technical animation for video games, demonstrating expertise in character rigging, skinning, and animation integration.

•Proficiency in industry-standard animation software (e.g., Maya, 3ds Max) and familiarity with game engines (e.g., Unreal Engine, Unity).

•Strong programming skills in languages such as Python, C++, or similar, with the ability to develop animation tools and scripts.

•Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively within multidisciplinary teams.

•A keen eye for detail and a passion for creating immersive and visually appealing gaming experiences.

If you are a skilled and creative Technical Animator looking to make a significant impact in the gaming industry, we would love to hear from you.

Please email at: nathaniel@datascope.co.uk