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Unreal Programmers (Fully remote, UK based candidates) 40k-75k

Our UK Gaming Studios are well known for their greatest titles on multiple platforms with fans around the world. They are always looking for Unreal programmers to join their team. Each Studio is remarkable and have extraordinary packages to offer to our candidates. If you would like to apply for multiple studios in one go and for me to arrange your interviews and meetings, please apply.

Role details

  • Define and develop robust code
  • Designing, developing, writing and implementing systems and game code
  • Refining and testing game-play features/systems through the development
  • Code reviews completion and meeting the high code quality standards
  • Tech design development specifications
  • Collaborate with designers, artists and publishing as required to create the highest possible quality titles


All studios are different, but most provide:

  • Flexible working hours and grand bonus with annual leave schemes
  • Healthcare package, insurance and pension schemes
  • AAA projects with the latest technology available OR Independent Indie projects with strong character
  • Remote/On-Site/Hybrid style of work


  • Previous experience in the video game industry is a must
  • Excellent C/C++ on practice  
  • The major benefit would be knowledge of other programming languages and experience in profiling and optimization techniques
  • Experience of game engines such as UE4 or any other C++ engines like: Cobra, RuneTek, CryENGINE, Frostbite 3 tec.  
  • Understanding launch and post-launch ongoing product development and delivery, art packages and pipeline development
  • Greater bonus: experience with similar genre of the game

Unreal Programmers (Fully remote, UK based candidates) 40k-75k