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Datascope recruits for all data-related roles, including Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Monetization Analysts, User Researchers and User Acquisition Analysts. The industry is increasingly data driven as companies gather more data.  They then analyse it to direct marketing, sales and even game design. This is an area of huge growth in the games industry, with more demand than candidates. Therefore it is vital that companies use recruitment services to secure good candidates.

Types of Analyst Metrics Analytics Jobs in the Games industry

If you are interested in analyst metrics analytics jobs in the games industry but don’t know who does what, then read on for general descriptions. Then we suggest that you look at some specific current roles by doing a search games jobs search.

Data Scientist

This is the most in depth of the analytics roles. Candidates usually possess a Masters or PhD in maths, statistics or a similar highly analytical discipline. It also involves programming skills in Java, Python, R, Julia or similar data related language. Furthermore expert Excel and SQL skills, and data visualisation with tools such as Tableau are useful. Data Scientists look for deep trends in data from sales and player behaviour to improve game and company performance.

Data Analyst

This role often overlaps with Data Scientist and sometimes the titles are interchangeable. Data Analysts are often responsible for setting up reporting structures, ensuring data is of high quality and drawing conclusions from data. Therefore they usually have a strong technical degree or better as well as SQL and Excel skills.

Data Engineers

This is a programming heavy role and focuses on building and maintaining the infrastructure that obtains, filters and stores data. It also involves building tools used to gain insight into the data by Data Scientists and Data Analysts. In the age of Big Data it will often require MapReduce and other big data methods. Also it involves experience with languages such as Java and Scala and usually a background closely related to analytics and data science.

Monetisation Analyst

This role covers the game economy and the way it overlaps with monetization design. You will design and tweak in-game mechanisms such as bundles, sales and progress to maximize game retention and monetization with live operations. Live operations covers running game events, sales and to a degree community interaction to keep players interested and engaged.

User Researchers

This role overlaps quantitative research with qualitative. It is often using focus groups as well as player data to examine player reaction to UI (user interface)and gameplay and other game elements. Therefore candidates will often come from a psychology background, though statistical and mathematical are also common, with a greater emphasis on tools such as SPSS.

User Acquisition Analysts

This is a newer but fast growing specialisation, closely related to Data Analysts. But it is purely focused on the marketing and demographic data that drives User Acquisition paid marketing campaigns. These campains will be on platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords.