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Games Jobs for Artists, Animators, 3D Modellers and Designers in the Computer and Video Games industry.  Art Animation Jobs are varied so read on to see an overview.

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Art Animation Jobs – an overview

There are a vast and  diverse amount of roles.  The largest amount of Art Animation jobs are modellers, environment and technical roles. Also the majority of roles will involve the use of a 3D graphics application.


Animators create movement and personality from 3D models for use in gameplay or cinematics. A degree in animation is also an asset.

2D Artists

2D Artists create assets for use in user interfaces, game-play events or illustrations. Therefore create a diverse portfolio ideally one which shows both stylised and realistic work is ideal.

Character Artists

Character Artists create the visual 3D elements of the game from concept art. Therefore Character Artists model anything from humanoid characters and clothing to props and creatures.

Technical Artists

Technical Artists ensure art assets can be easily used into the game within technical limitations.  Therefore they create and use tools to do so.

Concept Artists

Concept Artists create the early feel and mood of a game by exploring different designs for levels, environments and characters. Also they may work primarily with paint and basic art materials to do so.

Environment Artists

Environment Artists specialise in the 3D modelling of the game world and settings. They are also responsible for creating collision and optimizing geography for a better framerate.

Lighting Artists

They create lighting and shading elements for in-game worlds and scenes. Lighting artists must ensure consistency.  They must also achieve the desired mood and feel of a given scene.

UI/UX Artists

UI Artists concept, create and polish the user interface of the game. So having implementation skills is a huge asset.

Technical Animator or Rigger

Technical Animators, sometimes called Riggers, do the rigging and so skinning for 3D models. They might also develop and maintain the animation, rigging and pipeline tools.