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Games Jobs – an overview of jobs in the games industry

If you want to develop your career in the games industry and want an overview of the sorts of opportunities we cover, then read on for general descriptions.

Games Programming and Software Engineering Jobs

The common Games Programmer roles include Tools Programmer, Engine Programmer, AI Programmer, Graphics Programmer, UI Programmer, and Network Programmer. But games programmers possess experience of maximising limited resources. So their acquired skills are in demand in other industries. We also have jobs in video compression, chip design and medical applications. And also in optimisation, embedded software engineering and even in the city.

Games Jobs in Art and Animation

There are many different roles in this area, ranging from trainee all the way up to Art Director. The roles include Concept Artist, Technical Artist, VFX, Lighting Artist, Environment Artist, Vehicle Artist. Also, World Builder, Texture Artist, Animator, UI Artist. And further roles include Character Artist and 2D Artist.

Games Design Jobs

These people are at various levels. They range from Level Designer through UI Designer and UX designer to Creative Director.

Games Producer and Development Management Jobs

These are the people who oversee the production of the game and make sure it is developed on time, within budget and is a great game.

Games Sales, Marketing and PR Jobs

These include Brand Managers, PR Managers, Social Media Managers, Community Managers as well as digital marketing roles such as User Acquisition Manager.

Games jobs in Analysis Metrics and Analytics

Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Monetization Analysts, User Researchers and User Acquisition Analysts. The industry is increasingly driven by data as more clients gather and analyse it. They use it to direct marketing, sales and even game design.