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Games Design Jobs

Here at Datascope we recruit for every type of designer which game development needs. As some examples we recruit for Level Design, Games Design, World Design and Interaction Design roles and jobs. We also recruit for System Design, Technical Design and Combat Design roles and jobs. We will have more Senior and Lead positions for all of these types of designers. Therefore we also recruit Directors.  Creative Directors, Design Directors and Game Directors are all part of the team. If you don’t see design jobs profiles which you like then click on games jobs search.

Level Designer

Level Designers will place the items, creatures and other objects in a game. The player then interacts with them around a level. Designers will also plan the layout of individual levels

Game Designer

This role can cover a lot of different types of design work, usually generalists who will work on game-play and other aspects of game design.

System Designer

System Designers will usually have a speciality, especially if they are part of a larger team. These specialities include combat systems, weapons, fighting and many others

Technical Designer

Technical design is a key role in a lot of game development.  Liaising between the developers and designers can be crucial to a projects success. Therefore knowledge of programming languages is essential to this role. The roles require coding languages.  These will be also similar to those a programmer will use on the project.

Design / Creative Directors

These roles are also focused on design. But they are some of the most senior positions which we have. So these roles will also include managerial aspects. This is because a design director will typically be in charge of a large team.