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Datascope recruits for many games marketing roles. This includes Brand Managers, PR Managers, Social Media Managers, Community Managers as well as digital marketing roles such as User Acquisition Manager.

Types of Marketing Sales PR jobs in the Games industry

If you are interested in the games industry but don’ t know who does what, then read on for general descriptions. Then we suggest that you look at some specific current roles by doing a search games jobs search.

Brand Manager

Will be looking after the branding and messaging for a game title or titles to give a consistent, appealing and appropriate message.

PR Manager

A PR Manager deals with media and influential people in the industry to ensure the target audience hears about games. They also participate in events.

Social Media Manager

They look after all social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Twitch and more, with engaging written and video content, sneak peeks and more.

Community Manager

A Community Manager will be managing the direct communications with games communities through social media, forums and in game. They therefore often act as a communication channels between the game developers and the community. This is as well as helping players with any problems and promoting excitement about the games.

User Acquisition Manager

This area is a newer form of paid digital marketing that uses Facebook, Google and similar adverts to drive users to play games. This is therefore a highly analytical role, carefully targeting ads and modifying campaigns based on user and campaign data.